Thursday, February 25, 2016

Spring 2016 Pantone Colors

In a departure from the past, Pantone has declared two, not one, colors as color of the year for 2016. They are rose quartz (a blush pink) and serenity (a calming light blue). Another difference this spring from recent years is to promote the same 10 colors for both men and women, a unisex palette, instead of having separate sets for men's and women's fashion. Rounding out the colors for spring 2016 are peach echo (soft orange), snorkel blue (soft navy), buttercup (sunny yellow), limpet shell (green leaning aqua), lilac gray (neutral gray with a hint of lilac), fiesta (a fiery yellow-based red), iced coffee (neutral brown) and green flash (spring green).

I am particularly fond of the choice of rose quartz and have included images of my quartz necklace that includes rose quartz beads and a new pair of gathering pins that incorporates rose quartz beads and lampwork beads with this color. You can also incorporate these colors into your home decor with a color wall, fabrics or home decor such as the green flash and buttercup found in my photographic art night light.

If any of these colors speaks to you and you want to see if I can bring them into a piece of jewelry or photographic art print please contact me to see if I can create a custom piece for you.

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