Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Pi Day 2015

March 14 is almost here, what are you going to do to celebrate? Celebrate what you say? Why, Pi Day of course! (π = 3.14, March 14 = 3/14)

Ok, I admit it, I like math so I think it is fun that someone noticed the connection with the date and helped turn it into a day that at least math geeks around the world have fun with and celebrate. This year in particular is pretty fun in that on 3/14/15 at 9:26:53 the first 10 digits of π will be represented by the date and time.

And this year I finally have something fun in my EclecticSkeptic shop for the math geek that is related to pi. When I looked back through my blog I noticed that I mentioned two years ago that I needed to come up with some pi goodies. My first one is a matted 8 x 10 image that puts together several fun ideas I had while riffing on pi. Probably the most obvious is the morphing of pi to pie, which I represented, not with a sweet pie but a savory mushroom and chicken quiche (pie). The image of the round pie also brings to mind the pun, "Pi aren't square, pi are round" that I often hear in my mind when thinking of the equation for the circumference of a circle (C = πr2). Then I got to thinking of the phrase "Let them eat cake" and thought it would be more fun with the word "pie". But instead of using pi or π to replace pie, the science geek in me used elements from the periodic table to spell pi.

If your eyes have not yet glazed over at my description of my recent creation (the image, not the quiche – my hubby cooked that and it was delicious) then you just might know someone that needs to hang it in their home or would enjoy one of my other math geek goodies. If not, I hope I at least made you smile and gave you a good excuse to have some pie of your choosing on March 14.

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  1. I learned this morning that MIT has a great sense of humor. It sends out its admissions decisions on Pi Day and this year will be sending them out at 9:26 am. How fun is that? Congrats to everyone receiving their MIT acceptance letters today and Happy Pi Day to everyone else.