Thursday, March 26, 2015

Out and About – Marmot Photographic Art

I always enjoy it when a customer sends in a photo of themselves wearing one of my creations or showing a photographic art piece off in its new surroundings. Even better is running into one of your creations in person after it has found a new home.

I had the pleasure of seeing a gallery wrapped photographic art print of mine, a marmot titled "Food?", when my husband and I visited the BRIT earlier this year. While we were taking a tour of the facility, one of the researchers asked if I would like to see what a co-worker had done to the marmot he had purchased from me for his office. While I wasn't sure what to think about something being done to my artwork, I said we would love to come up after we were finished with the tour. I needn't have worried about what had been done to my artwork though, I totally loved it. It was fun, creative and didn't actually involve any alterations to the print itself. I can't wait to see what fun thing the marmot does next.

Speaking of fun, I have found the people who work and volunteer at the BRIT to be very passionate about what they do and have a lot of fun doing it. Whether you have young or old kids or an empty nest, I strongly suggest if you are in the area that you head over to the BRIT for their upcoming Prairie Day, a celebration of native landscapes of North Texas. This year the BRIT's Prairie Day with be Saturday, May 16 from 9am – 1pm. You can see birds of prey, listen to live music, make craft projects and go on guided prairie walks to name a few of the fun activities waiting for you. Much more information is located on their Prairie Day page.

I plan on going again this year. You can see some images I took of a screech owl last year in an earlier blog post.

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