Wednesday, January 28, 2015

2015 Great Backyard Bird Count (GBBC)

It's almost time again for the Great Backyard Bird Count. Since I started participating several years ago, I have added to my knowledge of the different birds that visit my yard and neighborhood.

Some bird species hang around all year and some are moving through the area this time of year. If you are on the lookout you will see species that you wouldn't expect based on bird watching during much of the rest of the year. You will find a list of all the birds I identified last year as well as a montage of some of the ones I saw in this previous blog post. Will you be able to identify more?

Whether the weather is good or bad, the data that you collect during the GBBC helps scientists answer many questions about the distribution of birds and potentially the ecosystems that surround us. Find out how to get involved on the Great Backyard Bird Count's website. Then when February 13-16 roles around, print out a list of birds you could see in your locale, grab your pencil, binoculars and bird ID book or app and get counting. (A great bird ID app is Merlin from Cornell Lab of Ornithology.)

Need more inspiration? These photos submitted to the GBBC last year from across the globe should provide some. Happy Birding!

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