Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Artist Spotlight – Butterfly Inspirations

For many years I have seen beautiful displays of mounted butterflies and often thought they would look pretty in my home. When I was growing up, my mom helped me and my brother collect and mount butterflies and dragonflies in balsa wood boxes. However, as I got older, I became concerned about taking these winged jewels out of their natural habitat in order to have them grace my home. In addition, while the butterflies themselves were stunning in the displays that I saw, the displays themselves always seemed to be lacking a certain something that would compel me to take one home.

All of that changed when I was a vendor at the Dallas Handmade Arts Market last November. Another vendor, Carol Shier, had the most artistically arranged and mounted butterfly specimens that I had seen. On her website, ButterflyInspirationsStore, Carol states that her “…butterflies come from butterfly farms from around the world…”. Problem solved with regard to taking these gems from nature. As I already mentioned, Carol’s butterflies are wonderfully and artistically displayed. Her gorgeous specimens are mounted in clear acrylic boxes, often with a natural branch to add to the artistic presentation. Her box of pink glasswing butterflies on a branch reminded me of cherry blossoms. I just had to bring them home with me.

In addition to her website, Carol also has an Etsy shop, ButterflyStore, stocked with a few of her creations. On her sites you will find enchanting displays of single specimens as well as large boxes containing a dozen or more butterflies. I have enjoyed looking at my purchase during these gray winter days. It gives me hope that spring and new beauty is around the corner.

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