Saturday, December 29, 2012

Design This – Custom Keepsake Feather Earring

What to do with the pretty peacock feather that you received as a keepsake/favor on a family member’s wedding invitation? Have your jewelry designer turn it into a statement feather earring of course!

Now this feather was not just the eye and a bit of quill like I have made earrings out of before, including a custom set for my customer in the past. It had a much longer portion of quill with many pairs of filaments below the “eye”. My customer wanted to keep as much of the peacock feather intact as made sense for her earring. I had some macaw feathers whose color I thought coordinated nicely with her peacock feather, my customer agreed and ok’d the design that I suggested.

To keep the design stable, I first sewed the macaw feathers together. I then added a black leather wrap to cover their white quill ends and provide a better foil for the peacock feather. I laid the peacock feather on top of the macaw feathers and attached each to a jump ring that was in turn attached to the bottom loop of the post earring.

It brought a smile to my face when Miss Cheryl of the John E Dosher band shared with me that she was wearing this special feather earring in her avi photo on one of her sites. Please contact me if you would like to inquire about having a custom piece designed just for you.

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