Thursday, September 27, 2012

Design This – Custom Music Themed Necklace

A couple of weeks ago, I wrote about some new music geek items that I developed for my EclecticSkeptic shop as a result of a custom order. Today I thought I’d share with you the necklace that sparked the new items.

Ever since I made the first pair of custom cufflinks for my customer to give as a gift, she had talked about wanting some type of custom charm necklace using the image I had developed. She tends to wear a lot of black and silver jewelry and she had showed me some styles that she liked and we brainstormed what components drew her to them. I had the opportunity while I was putting together a supply order this past summer to add some components to it that I thought could be worked into a custom necklace that would suit her.

Once I had my shipment, I scheduled to meet my customer. I laid out my new supplies as well as ones that I already had on hand. I asked her to pick out the pieces that she liked the most. I mocked up some suggestions based on what was left and after we had a necklace design in place my customer asked about the possibility of a charm bracelet too, made using a heart that didn't make it onto the necklace. I then took down some measurements to work from.

One thing that I still had to do was to come up with an image of a keyboard for one of the charms for the necklace. I took several close up photos of my piano’s keys and worked up a couple of photographic art images. The charm images needed to be black and white but I loved one of the intermediate color steps so much that I saved it to come back to later. (I used this image on the new piano keys necklace that I added to my shop earlier this year. I have also framed it as a ready to hang piece of photographic art. I will have it with me next week at my Dallas show.)

While I was working on this image, I put together enough of the necklace and bracelet to be able to do a test fit, got approval to go ahead, put the rest of the pieces together after finalizing the piano keys charm image and delivered them to a very happy customer.

Happy customers always make me happy too. It’s great to be able to create something that is special to someone. If you would like to discuss the possibility of a custom creation, please contact me. I have completed many custom orders long distance in addition to local ones as described in this post.

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