Thursday, September 13, 2012

EclecticSkeptic Expands Music Line

The new and improved music themed cufflinks, that I introduced to my EclecticSkeptic shop and wrote about developing earlier this year, have been a popular item. Over the summer when my friend, whose earlier custom order prompted the development of the cufflinks as a stock item in my shop, requested a custom music themed necklace, I took the opportunity to brainstorm some new music themed jewelry items for my shop using some of the new supplies and tools that I purchased to fill her custom order. (Stay tuned for the “Design This” post about her custom necklace.)

So far I have added music note earrings and a necklace to my music geek line. For the earrings, I am using the music note graphic that I designed for the cufflinks. The earrings, like the cufflinks, are available in silver plated or gold plated styles. Unlike the cufflinks however, the image of the sixteenth note and music staff are printed in a very dark brown instead of black when paired with the gold plated earrings.

The necklace incorporates an image that I developed in the course of working on the custom necklace order. The image is a close-up of piano keys and has a vintage quality to it that nicely complements the antiqued brass tone bezel and chain that I used to complete this necklace.

I have always enjoyed the challenge of a custom order. It is a bonus when custom orders are a catalyst for new items for my shops.

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