Tuesday, May 8, 2012

National Wildflower Week 2012

In 1988, the American Wildflower Society sponsored the first National Wildflower Week. In 2002, the Lady Bird Johnson Wildflower Center was asked to become the celebration’s coordinator. While many communities local to you may be holding events centered around wildflowers this week, if you are near Austin, TX you will find many ways to celebrate this week that were organized by the Wildflower Center. They will have extended evening hours and reduced evening admissions this Tuesday and Thursday so that you can enjoy the beautiful wildflowers on their grounds. In addition, on Friday, May 11 the Wildflower Center will participate in National Public Gardens Day and host Gardens on Tour on Saturday, May 12.

If you get a chance to get out and enjoy your local wildflower display, you might find some of the varieties seen on the two note cards seen here from my four card late spring wildflower note card set. In addition to their beauty, native wildflowers are beneficial and should be protected from invasive species and allowed to complete their life cycle where possible without being mowed down. Native butterflies, birds and other critters depend on these plants for food and habitat. Native wildflowers also provide erosion control and many even make great Earth friendly, waterwise additions to a home landscape.

Is you mom a nature lover? I bet she’d enjoy a leisurely hike to enjoy your local wildflower displays for Mother’s Day this Sunday.

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