Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Design This – Music Cufflinks

Some time back when I mentioned to a friend that I was working on developing a line of flying pig cufflinks for my EclecticSkeptic shop, she asked if I could design a custom pair of music themed cufflinks for her to give as a gift. Since the flying pig cufflinks included a printed image of mine, I assured her that I could come up with something and asked if she had any basic thoughts about what she would like for them to look like. After sending a couple of examples her way, we hit on a personalized final design. In addition, I drew a generic music themed design from scratch since I was looking to expand my shop’s offerings by including some items for the music, math or science geek. While she and I, as well as the eventual gift recipient, were pleased with the final product, I found that I was having consistency issues as I continued to produce my cufflinks using the production method that I had researched, so it was “back to the drawing board” for me.

I searched for other options and tried different materials but was not one hundred percent excited about the final outcome until I finally located some low profile glass cabs. About this time my friend mentioned that she wished that she had suggested a slightly different design for the custom music cufflinks that I had made for her previously. I took this as a good opportunity to have someone test out the new cufflink construction that I was planning on using. I developed a new custom design using hand drawn letters based on a monogrammed handkerchief belonging to the recipient of the first pair of cufflinks and my hand drawn music note. This new design made the handkerchief and cufflinks look like a set. Everyone has been very pleased with the results and I have started stocking my silver plated or gold plated generic music themed cufflinks using the new materials in my EclecticSkeptic shop.

Music themed cufflinks make pleasing presents for the musician or music teacher. They would also be great groomsman gifts. If you are interested in multiple pairs of cufflinks, please contact me to check on the lead time needed to complete your request.

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