Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Looking Ahead to 2016

It is almost time to put 2015 into the record books, and for North Texas we have some doozies when it comes to new weather records. According to NOAA, through the end of November, 2015 has had almost 6 inches more rain than what will now be the second wettest year on record. This does not include the flooding that occurred along with the tornadoes from this past weekend, so we have really broken that record to smithereens. It is even more impressive when you realize that over the summer we had the third longest stretch of no precipitation on record, 41 days from July 9 - August 18. According to the channel 5 weather report tonight, the 10 confirmed tornadoes from the storms this past Saturday makes 2015 also a record breaking year for number of confirmed tornadoes in North Texas. Good grief!

So much for looking back at occurrences that we can't control. What is within your scope of influence that you are hoping for during 2016? Many things will happen in our lives without active planning. However if there are specific goals that you would like to accomplish, taking some time to plan out the steps to achieving them and then actively pursuing those steps will greatly increase your chances of completing your goals. One of my business goals is to gather together a team of local artisans who sell or wish to sell on Etsy for the purpose of supporting team members in their specific goals for their creations and connecting them with patrons of things handmade. I am in the planning stage for getting together our first meeting of 2016 in February. Hopefully this endeavor will be a success.

May your goals for 2016 come to fruition and have a Happy New Year in the process.

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