Thursday, August 21, 2014

Net Neutrality – Protect an Open Internet

What I have enjoyed most about the internet is that no matter an entity’s size, its content zipped along at the same speed as everyone else's content. If big business gets its way however, that equity will come to an end. If you are not sure what this might mean to you, John Oliver put together a hilarious but educational video about net neutrality that you can view on YouTube.

There is still some time for you to give your input and help protect an open internet. The FCC is calling for public comments through 9/10/14. You can leave your comment for proceeding 14-28, Protecting and Promoting the Open Internet, until then by clicking here and then clicking on the proceeding number. In addition to posting a comment, I have also created a set of photographic art note cards in support of net neutrality if it becomes important to also send snail mail to the FCC or legislators.

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