Friday, August 1, 2014

Artist Spotlight – Nature’s Canvas

I purchased this lovely piece of artwork before I started my Artist Spotlight Series of blog posts. I was very pleased that the artist included a sticker with her business name, Nature’s Canvas, and web address on the back of the piece so that I could share her work with you all this time after I had acquired it. I have a few other previously purchased, original pieces of artwork that I will have to add to this series of posts going forward.

I found this wonderfully framed and artfully done feather painting at the Indian Market in Arlington, TX a few years back. I had seen feather paintings for a couple of years at this event and had admired many pieces. A couple of things that set Lori’s work, and especially this piece, apart from the others I had seen was the skill in depicting the animals she painted, the lovely pairing of feathers, leather, etc. that complemented the painted feather and the wonderful matting of the artwork.

While Lori was the artist behind the painting and composition of the embellished feather, it was her husband that created the wonderful, complex mats that set off her artwork beautifully. I am glad that this artist and her husband ventured to the DFW Metroplex from Kansas to participate in that particular show so that I could see their work.

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