Thursday, February 27, 2014

Artist Spotlight - Selkie Masks

With Mardi Gras just around the corner (Tuesday, March 4, 2014), I felt it was time to introduce you to Selkie Masks. Forget the plain, black half face masks that most everyone wore when I was of trick or treating age. Selkie Masks are wearable pieces of art. They are perfect for Mardi Gras parades and celebrations as well as masquerade balls, Halloween, costume parties and more.

I first met Connie, owner and artist behind Selkie Masks, at a Dallas Handmade Arts Market that I was also showing at in 2012 and loved the creativity and artistry of her masks. I was pleased when she took me up on my invitation to be a part of last year's Happy Holidays Gift Store at the Arlington Museum of Art. I was blown away by the variety and artistry of the masks that she stocked in the store. They were even more elaborate than what I remembered. Not only were they great finds for being the focal point of a fabulous costume, they were art pieces in their own right that would be perfect home decor accents hanging from an ornament stand or framed in a shadow box.

It was difficult to choose a favorite, however the floral design and colors of one of the masks kept drawing me back to it. I had a grouping of items on a bookshelf that the mask's colors would complement beautifully so I finally decided to take it home. It is a beautiful addition to that eclectic group of decor pieces that I had been thinking of. (Yes that is my flying pig and geek earring gazelle model in that grouping.)

You will find photos of other fabulous masks on the Selkie Masks website as well as where to find them in person or how to contact Connie to purchase one if you are not located near one of those locations. Celebrate Mardi Gras in style.

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