Thursday, June 27, 2013

Facebook Fan Pages Fail

At least that is what it can seem like, after having spent a lot of time trying to make an engaging and interesting business fan page and growing a fan base to interact with, given all of the changes that Facebook keeps making with regards to visibility of status updates. Have you noticed that fan pages that you have liked for businesses, bands or other organizations seem to never or hardly ever post anymore because you don’t see them like you used to on your news feed? There is a good chance they are still posting but that posting for them now is a little like the sound of one hand clapping.

What can you do about it if you are not seeing the posts from a particular facebook fan page that you want to see on your news feed? It is possible to tell Facebook to send those updates your way again. Go to the Facebook page that you previously liked. Hover over the “liked” button on that page and then click on “settings”. You will now see 3 options: “All Updates”, “Most Updates” and “Only Important”. Click on “All Updates” to start the flow again of information from that page to your news feed. Screen shots of these steps are shown below. So if you liked a fan page because you really want to know when their next gig is, when they are running specials, etc. please follow these instructions so that business, band or organization will actually feel “liked”. (Note: If a business pays Facebook to promote their posts, you will likely see them no matter what settings you choose.)

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