Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Is Your Garden Ready for Spring?

Ready or not, the spring equinox is almost here in the northern hemisphere. I’m ready for winter to be over, however I still have a few things that need cutting back pdq now that it is almost here. I have trimmed back the majority of my perennials as I should have by now, however I tend to leave my ornamental grasses till the last minute because I enjoy the look of them even through the winter. It is time now though, if you haven’t done so, to make way for new growth on perennials that die back to the ground each winter.

Spring arrives, according to the calendar, on Sunday, March 20, 2011. Those of you that live in the northern tier of states might think this talk of spring seems a bit premature, however those of us in North Texas have been noticing signs of the coming spring for several weeks now. Spring bulbs have been blooming, fruit and ornamental trees have been flowering and many other trees have begun to leaf out.

Here in North Texas, we do need to be careful not to jump the gun in planting tender vegetables or annual flowers because even though the first day of spring is after our average last freeze date (March 14), our actual latest freeze recorded was on April 13. (However if you wait to plant some tender things such as tomatoes until then, things will heat up so fast that your crop is likely to be less than if you planted now.) So just be prepared with the row covers (A lightweight sheer curtain or sheet is a reasonable substitute.) or individual plant protectors such as purchased or handmade wall o waters to protect your “babies”.

If you have a case of spring fever and need some help channeling your gardening urges to produce the results you want, please contact me to see if my garden coaching services can be of assistance. Happy gardening!


  1. Sounds like I'd better get working on those tomato plants! I haven't had a veggie garden in years but want to at least plant some tomatoes!

    Thanks for your comment on my Bradford Pear post! That webworm breakout was terrible -- I saw so many trees around here that didn't make it. Ours looked terrible but we left it up, hoping it would flower again, but it just turned black and awful. Thanks for telling me about the Bt. I wish I had known then.

    At least I can enjoy others around town! One of the trees I photographed for the blog has already turned all green. The blossoms just don't stay around long enough!

    See you on TX Friends!

  2. I think all of the wind we have had this year has helped strip the blossoms faster than usual.

    If you like cherry tomatoes, I highly recommend the variety "Sweet Millions".