Wednesday, March 23, 2011

EclecticSkeptic Hits 100

When I open an online shop, getting my sales numbers out of the single digits is cause for a happy dance. I also take notice each time another 10 is reached. Watching milestone sales is kind of like watching your car’s odometer when it rolls over to an even 1000 and subsequent multiples. So it was really awesome earlier this week to see my sales “odometer” at EclecticSkeptic role over to the triple digits.

While my total number of flying pig and geekery items reached 100 some time ago from craft shows and other offline sales, I don’t have one place that I keep track of the total number of sales of things that fit my EclecticSkeptic branding. So it is very nice to have that number tracked for me in my Etsy shop. A big thanks goes out to all of my customers that have been a part of this milestone for EclecticSkeptic. To further show my appreciation, any of my customers that contributed to my first 100 online sales, by making a purchase from my EclecticSkeptic online shop, will receive a 10% refund on any additional orders made between today and the end of April, 2011. Please put “I was part of your milestone.” in your notes to seller and you will receive your refund through PayPal before I ship your package.

Thanks again for everyone’s support and here’s to new milestones for me and you!

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