Thursday, September 9, 2010

EclecticSkeptic adds Math and Science Geek Themed Items

In an effort to blend my love for math and science with my love for creating things, I have put on my thinking cap to come up with items for the math and science geek. My goal is to create items that not only are attractive, but that will be appreciated on a deeper level by someone with the appropriate math or science background. EclecticSkeptic has a brand new section, geekery, for these items, in addition to its broad assortment of flying pig (aka pigasus) items. At this time this new section is stocked with two of my new designs.

If you or someone you know is a math geek, the fibonacci necklace is a great accessory. I have gotten several compliments when I wear mine, just because it is a colorful and pretty piece of jewelry. The people that I know with a strong math background also appreciate what it represents. This necklace is available in silver plated chain and findings as well as the gold plated seen here. You can also arrange to have me customize the colors that represent the first five numbers of the fibonacci sequence for you.

Perhaps you are more of the science type. Then the hydrogen atom earrings would be perfect for you or for any female science geek on your list. (I'm working on ideas for the math or science guy geeks too, so stay tuned.) The electron is represented by a movable fluted gunmental plated bead. Other colors of faceted glass beads can be used to represent the proton of the hydrogen atom. Please contact me about the availability of the customizations that you are interested in.

Let EclecticSkeptic help you display your love of math and/or science with style.

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