Friday, September 17, 2010

Design This – Turquoise Crystal Necklace

Not all of my custom orders come from Etsy alchemy requests. Earlier this year, a friend asked me to show her some of my completed designs and materials in colors that she liked to wear. We sat down with what I brought and she picked out a couple of things and made a wish list of others that she wanted to add to her wardrobe over time. This post is about a jewelry set that I designed around a strand of turquoise crystal beads that she particularly liked.

Initially, my goal was to just create a necklace design using the strand of crystal beads. The length necklace that my friend wanted was longer than the strand of beads, so I needed to incorporate some spacers or other complementary beads into the design. I had other beads in the same color as well as a variety of faceted glass and crystal beads that I thought would help showcase the large turquoise crystal beads. I strung up a variety of beads in different patterns to see what my friend liked the best.

She liked the small, faceted, AB coated Czech glass spacer beads the best. They did a good job of adding length, without taking away from the turquoise beads that she liked so much. We also discussed the pattern of spacers and large beads in the necklace. To add more emphasis to the turquoise beads, the final design was to include several of these beads grouped together in the front of the necklace without spacers.

There was a pleasant surprise when I laid out this pattern to the correct length. There were four extra large turquoise crystal beads. I sent a photo of the necklace and a suggestion for a pair of matching earrings before I beaded anything up. My friend was thrilled with being able to have matching earrings, so the custom necklace became a custom necklace and earring set.

If you have a particular color or style that you would like incorporated into a custom piece of jewelry, I’d love to hear from you and see if I have the materials to turn your vision into reality. You can contact me through my Etsy shops, EDCCollective or EclecticSkeptic, or send me an e-mail.


  1. These are beautiful! I love collaborating with my custom order folks, it helps get exactly what they want.

  2. Beautiful set! It always pays to ask questions when you have a custom order you never know if the order will get larger. Customers appreciate the extra effort and are more likely to become repeat customers when they are made to feel that you are thinking about them as a person and not just a sale.

  3. WOW such talent!! These are fabulous! The color is so lovely too.