Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Design This – First Wedding Anniversary Gift

This project came about as a result of another Etsy alchemy request. The requestor was looking for ideas related to the traditional, paper, or modern, clock, first anniversary gift ideas for her husband. She mentioned in her request that he liked pencil sketches. My bid on the request was for a custom 8 x 10 photographic art print from one of her digital photos, with the aim of making the finished design look like a charcoal or pencil sketch.

After I answered a few questions from the requester, I was awarded the bid. She sent three photos for me to see which one would work best for this treatment. (I have found that there are many variables that may not be noticeable to the naked eye that help determine what outcome you can achieve with any given photo.) I was pleased to inform my customer that the one she most wanted to work, was the best one for turning into a pencil sketch look alike.

I prepared four different starting point files with the look of a charcoal or pencil sketch and two of another style that I found interesting in order to determine my customer’s likes. She picked one of the pencil sketch style images and had a couple of specifics that she wanted adjusted. I took care of those and another that I saw and sent an updated proof. She then noticed a couple of other details that she hoped could be reworked, which I did, along with a bit more clean up. My customer approved the next proof that I sent, so I printed it and mailed it too her. She planned to have it matted and framed to present to her husband for their first anniversary.

If you are looking for a custom photographic art print, please contact me. I also have a few matted images that are currently available in a variety of sizes. Other images that may be available can be seen in my facebook photo album. Another customization that I can do for you is to add text, that you have the copyright privileges for, over an image. And if you are going for the more modern gift idea of a clock for a first anniversary gift, I have recently added some clocks to my EclecticSkeptic shop.


  1. Thanks so much Cathy. He loved it! :D

  2. Thanks for everyone's compliments and I'm so glad the gift was well received.