Thursday, July 15, 2010

Texas Stars – Low Maintenance Plant Resource

Do you ever go to the garden center and stand there scratching your head trying to decide what pretty plant is likely to do well in your garden? Sometimes the plant tags help give you a clue and sometimes they are too vague or missing entirely. Plant recommendations are one of the services that I offer as a garden coach.

Often, my clients aren't familiar with my suggestions. To keep from having to lug my plant books around or hunt down links to photos of these plants, I am developing a resource that I hope will be useful. I have started a photo album on my Eclectic Design Choices’ Facebook page. In this album I will be posting photos of plants that I find to be low maintenance, reliable plants in my garden. This list has been developed through years of trial and error based on recommendations, research and just trying out that pretty plant from the nursery.

I garden in North Texas in an area that seems to correspond to USDA zone 8. Even if you are also in zone 8, your success with some of these plants may vary due to different microclimates and soils found on your property. Many of these plants will thrive in other zones as well. I will be adding to my photo gallery as I can, so check back periodically to see what new “stars” I have added.

For me, low maintenance means that the plant shows little or no problems with diseases or insects and has low water requirements. Of course, mulch is an important part of any low maintenance garden. Some of my Texas stars are true Texas natives, others have learned to adapt to the climate. Please add you comments below the photo of a plant to share your experience with it. This information will help others make informed decisions regarding the purchase and planting of these plants. Also, feel free to ask any questions in the comments that you may have about any of the plants and I will try to answer them for you.

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