Wednesday, September 29, 2021

Wine Glass Charms Are Not Just for Stemware

I have been making nature themed wine glass charms now for a few years. They are very useful to help your guests tell their drinking glasses apart when they have been set down.

It occurred to me last night that they might also be useful if you are serving your guests drinks in coffee or tea mugs that have handles. I grabbed a mug from my cabinet this morning and placed a couple of wine glass charms on the handle to see how they would work hanging from different locations. I liked the end results. The design of your mug handles will affect the usefulness on this type of drinkware to some extent. Mug handles that arch up slightly at their top attachment point will be the most useful for utilizing my wine glass charms.

So when you are comfortable hosting some number of guests in your home again, make sure you have some wine glass charms on hand. Now you know you have an alternative to serving your liquid refreshments in stemware to be able to utilize the benefits of wine glass charms. Help your guests easily identify which piece of drinkware sitting on the table is theirs for them to safely drink from.

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