Friday, September 15, 2017

EDC to be at New Urban Traders Market Location 9/16/17

I first heard about Urban Traders Market from a fellow artist shortly after they organized last year. She had a favorable experience with them so I was interested but was too scheduled at the time to check them out. I finally had a chance to visit one of their markets at their summer 2017 location and was pleased to see that their stated mission was evident from the look of the market and from visiting with vendors.

About that time they announced the new location they would be moving to after taking August off and I decided to submit my application to become an approved Urban Traders Market vendor. Urban Traders juries their vendors to ensure variety and quality. They already had as many jewelry artisans as they felt they could handle so they offered me space on the approved list for a few of my accessories, my night lights, and the full range of my photographic art creations sans jewelry items. I am excited to
be part of their inaugural market at O B Mac this Saturday, September 16.

I have been following Urban Traders Market's Facebook event postings and it looks like there will be a fabulous variety of vendors and a popular food truck too. I hope you get a chance to check out their new location on Saturday. I think this group is very serious about creating a space where artisans can thrive, in addition to a fun space for the public to visit and develop a sense of community. Stop in and say hi when you come by.

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  1. Hoping you have a wonderful time at the show as well as great success!