Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Photorealism vs Photographic Art Exhibit

I have written once before about how photographic art and photorealism can confuse the viewer with regards to the method of creation of the artwork. I am excited to revisit this topic and let you know I will be taking part in an upcoming exhibit that will give viewers the ability to see some work in both styles side by side. The exhibit will be at the Creativity and Wellness Center in the Riverside area of Fort Worth during the month of June, 2016.

To recap, my photographic art starts out when I snap a digital image. I then digitally alter the images I take so that they often resemble paintings or sketches in a variety of artistic styles. I will have several pieces of my ready to hang photographic art that most closely resemble nature paintings or pastels in the exhibit. Images of two of my pieces are included in this post. I am also anticipating a couple of photographic art pieces by David and Carol Kelly that I have collected to be part of the exhibit.

Photorealism will be represented by John McCauley. I have seen some electronic images of his artwork and I can't wait to see them in person. (Update: I got to see John's work when I went to hang my artwork for the exhibit and his paintings are even nicer in person.)

The Creativity and Wellness Center's hours vary some. Check out their calendar of classes and open studio times. These times are likely to be best for visiting and viewing the exhibit. It is recommended that you call to verify before venturing out to make sure the Center will be open when you want to visit.

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