Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Design This – Geode Crystal Necklaces

I appreciate it when my friends and former customers come to me to see if I can create the type of jewelry that they are looking for. Last year one of my friends sent me a link to a search on Etsy that she had done for crystal or geode necklaces. Basically she was looking for a simple pendant necklace similar to what I had made for her previously but with some type of geode slice pendant instead of an ammonite. She was hoping to purchase a few necklaces to give as gifts. She also had a budget that she needed to stay within and wondered if similar necklaces could be made for a bit less than what she had found online. Since she was local, of course I would be able to save her on shipping but I needed to check out the link and see what I could do.

I did not have any geode slices on hand so after looking at the range of geode pendants that my friend liked the most, I worked up some cost estimates based on what I had seen similar components go for at the most recent trade show I had been to. My estimates showed that the pricing she had seen in her search was pretty close to spot on. I did have some quartz, citrine or amethyst crystal points that I could use to make pendant necklaces in her price range. I even had a listing I could show her. She had her heart set on the other style however, so since she had some time before she needed the gifts I told her I would keep an eye out for some supplies that would allow me to bring the pricing in line with what she was hoping to find.

Luckily after some time I did manage to find a really nice and reasonably priced strand of solar quartz (stalactite cross sections) at a show. In addition, I had a friend who had purchased some amethyst geode slice sections long enough ago and was willing to sell some to me at her cost so they would work for this request. I met with my friend so that she could pick out the gemstones to be used in her necklaces. She picked out a lovely sun quartz cross section and two amethyst geode slice sections. Next I needed to make some chain suggestions for the necklaces. I sent her a mock up photo of a couple of chains that I thought complimented the stones nicely. My friend liked the chain I had paired with the amethyst sections but wanted to know what else I might have for the solar quartz. I suggested a black silk cord with a traveling bail to hang the solar quartz from. She liked that idea so now all I had to do was commit the materials to the agreed upon designs.

I am always happy to entertain a "can you make this" request. I will not copy someone else's work but I will make something in a similar vein that satisfies the request if I have or can find the needed supplies. Sometimes these requests even lead to something I decide to list in my shop, as this request did.


  1. They turned out lovely! I especially like sun quartz cross section one.

  2. That is my favorite one of the three necklaces too.