Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Bald Mountain – “Rock Ridge” at Brick & Mortar Locations

Black and white or color, which do you like better? Ansel Adams preferred black and white. For me it depends on the image. I have a Jacobean lily image that I like much better in the high contrast black and white version than the original color one. The judges picking the finalists for the photo contest sponsored by the Arlington Museum of Art earlier this year preferred my black and white version over the color submission of my “Rock Ridge” image. Cynthia, the owner of Potager’s Other Stuff, favored the color version (so do I) and added it to my ready to hang photographic art images that I have on consignment at her establishment.

You can probably pick a favorite from the images in this blog, however if you want to see them in person to

get a better feel for my framed photos than you can from photos of photos, you can see them in downtown Arlington. My black and white “Rock Ridge” image that was a finalist in the aforementioned photo contest will hang in the rooftop gallery at the Arlington Museum of Art for the duration of the Ansel Adams exhibit (through August 3, 2014). My color photo can be found at Potager’s Other Stuff until it finds a home (no end date currently scheduled). While you are there you may also find my “Dressed for Drinks”, “Keys Close-Up” and “Center Stage” framed and gallery wrapped canvas photographic art prints.

Stay tuned to this blog or like my Eclectic Design Choices facebook page to keep up with other places you can see my work in person.

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