Thursday, May 15, 2014

Design This – Earrings to Match Black & Gold Beaded Necklace

I have another opportunity to introduce you to a wonderful artisan who was able to make a custom item for me that I had been hoping to trip across but had had no luck finding. Several years ago I purchased a mostly black and gold seed bead necklace. There were no matching earrings available at the time from that artisan. I have been on the lookout since then for some black and gold seed bead earrings that would complement the necklace.

Late last year a fellow Etsian purchased one of my items from my EDCCollective shop. I noticed her shop was filled with lovely seed bead jewelry, most importantly several earring styles I thought might look good with my black and gold necklace. When I had the chance earlier this year, I took some photos of my necklace, including close ups of the detail along with a ruler for scale and sent them off to see if this artisan would be interested in giving me a bid on some custom earrings to go with my necklace. She said that she would be happy to, so I shipped my necklace off to her to make it easier for her to match bead colors and the pattern on the necklace.

After receiving the necklace, this artisan asked me for some more input regarding dimensions. Soon I received some photos of my completed matching earrings. I was totally pleased with what she had done. I was also impressed with the level of detail that she put into the earrings. She noticed that my necklace was made with a square stitch instead of the native beading peyote stitch that she was accustomed to. Instead of making something similar using the more familiar peyote stitch, she experimented a bit so she could make my earrings with a square stitch to more perfectly match my necklace.

I had the opportunity to wear my necklace and new earrings at a reception last weekend. I loved the way the lightweight earrings moved as I moved my head. I received many compliments from others at the event. If you are in the market for some lovely beaded earrings, I strongly encourage you to check out her shop, Lakota Charm, on Etsy. Whether you fall in love with some ready to ship earrings in her shop or want some custom work done, I am certain you will be very pleased with your purchase from this artisan.


  1. I am so honored that you would write an article about me. I am so pleased that you were able to wear your set to your function.
    Pilamaya (Lakota Thank You)
    Cindi / LakotaCharm Designs

  2. Such gorgeous colors! I've got to check out this shop! Thanks for posting!!
    Great PR!!