Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Artist Spotlight – RainDrop Studio

Botanical illustration prints have long been a popular form of art. Brenda, creative force behind RainDrop Studio, has taken the art in botanical illustration up several notches. Imagine combining botanical specimens, painting and quilting and you might have an inkling of the amazing creations she crafts from nature and her skills with painting, arranging and quilting. Her use of color in combining fabrics, paint and plant material is exquisite.

Brenda and her husband recently moved to North Texas and I found their booth at Art on the Greene in Arlington earlier this year when a friend and I stopped in to take a quick look at the artisans’ work in this show. I was so enthralled with Brenda’s work that I told my husband later that there was some art I was potentially interested in purchasing and I wanted him to look at it with me when we went back the next day to listen to one of the live bands play. My husband was as impressed as I was with the beautiful, natural plant representations so we agreed we wanted to add something from this studio to our art collection. The only problem would be what to pick?

We chose one large piece and two smaller companion pieces to go on either side. The only problem was that there was only one of the smaller pieces in stock. Brenda had to go home to see if she still had the materials to craft another original that would complete the set that we wanted to have. Since the show still had a day to go, we purchased the large piece and the small piece was held for us until we had an answer. When we came back the next day we were pleased to find out that it could be done so we took home the small fern art piece that we liked.

When we got home I took down two pictures on the wall where we planned to hang our new, three piece botanical art set and temporarily hung up the two pieces that we already had. The large one looked fabulous, however the dark color of the wall and the way the room was illuminated made the small fern piece disappear somewhat. We decided that what that wall needed was the other larger piece that matched the one we already had. Another wall in the same room with better illumination was a much better place for the fern. So back to Art on the Greene and RainDrop Studio for my fourth visit I went. They still had the larger companion piece to the one that we had already purchased and were happy to have me buy it and cancel the custom piece, since it had not been started yet.

I hope you get the chance to see Brenda’s fabulous creations in person. While they look lovely on the RainDrop Studio website, images of her creations does not do them justice. In addition to her signed original art pieces, prints of some on metal and note cards are also available.

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