Thursday, May 23, 2013

Design This – Hearts and Pearls

While displaying my creations at a show last holiday season, another vendor spied a pair of stick pearl earrings that she really liked. They were unusual in that they were drilled longitudinally. Unfortunately, they were also part of a necklace and earring set that I didn’t want to split up because I did not expect to be able to find more pearls to make new earrings to match the necklace exactly.

Earlier this year I came across a pair of matching stick pearls drilled in the same fashion. I emailed the vendor to see if she still had an interest in a similar pair of earrings to the pair she had seen last year. She was, so I took a few mock up photos for her to pick the color bead that she wanted to accompany the pearls. During this process, she also asked if I had any small heart beads to make some simple heart earrings for her too.

My first thought was, “If your business name is Merry Heart Face Painting, it makes sense that you would like hearts and want to wear them.” (It turns out I must like hearts too as I had quite a selection of heart beads from which to choose, including gemstone, glass and cloisonné hearts.) After choosing the three types of hearts that she liked the best, her wishes for the completed earrings was that they be small and minimalist. After sending images of some mock up earrings showing different combinations of beads that I had on hand to accompany the selected hearts, we settled on the designs.

After completing all of the earrings and getting approval from the photo proofs that I sent, payment arrived and I shipped everything off. I hope the new earrings will come in handy for a bit of branding for Merry Heart Face Painting or just for plain enjoyment. (If you ever need a face painter, she does great work.)

If you are looking for jewelry using a special component please contact me to see if I can fill your request.


  1. Those heart earrings are awesome! Lol if I ever quit buying yarn (or make more sales on Etsy...whichever comes first) I'll be hitting you up!

  2. Thank you so much. Just let me know when you get to that point. I have several other colors of hearts in a variety of sizes to choose from.