Thursday, February 14, 2013

Artist Spotlight – Frontier Gallery

The artisan behind Frontier Gallery produces amazing pine cone duck “decoys”, pine needle baskets and gourd art. I first saw Dee’s work at the Dallas Handmade Arts Market last September and loved her nature inspired work. She was at the market again when I vended there last October. Spending time talking with her, watching her weave her pine needle baskets and looking at her beautiful pieces left me with just one question, did I want a pine cone duck, a pine needle basket or a gourd creation?

It was not an easy choice. All of her items were amazing. Finally I settled on a gourd creation. The one I chose had such great flow and motion about it. The gourd was cut such that the upper edge undulated up and down. Several layers of pine needles were coiled along this edge. The pine needle coils also held a shed deer antler in place. She completed the adornments on this gourd using feathers and metal beads. The patina on the gourd was created with alcohol ink dyes in blues and golds. It is a lovely addition to my eclectic collection of art forms displayed in my home.

You can find Dee’s handcrafted pine needle, pine cone and gourd creations in her Etsy shop along with her polymer clay wildflowers and naughty Christmas ornaments.

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