Wednesday, June 15, 2011

A Little Patriotic Bling

If you haven't found that perfect red, white and blue accessory for your Fourth of July and Labor Day festivities, I can help. You still have almost two weeks from today to order so that your patriotic bling will arrive in time for the 4th, but don't delay as I only have one of each ready made and ready to ship.

It's the little touches that can really add the wow factor to your patriotic ensemble. From EDCCollective, you can choose from a pair of red, white and blue lampwork bead earrings or a zipper pull. The zipper pull is great to bling up a variety of items from backpacks to belt loops to purses, anything with a loop to clip to. For the math geek, EclecticSkeptic has a red, white and blue pythagorean theorem (right triangle) necklace.

While you are enjoying the holiday festivities and looking good in your red, white and blue please remember to stay hydrated and apply a quality sunscreen so that you will finish the day in as fine a form as you started out.

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