Wednesday, June 23, 2010

You Have Snail Mail

When e-mail was new, finding out that “you have mail” when you were online was an exciting thing. Now, e-mail, text messages, tweets, etc. bombard us all day long and are no big deal. It is quick and easy to send out these missives, read them and discard them. While they are now a useful part of how we communicate, another form of communication not practiced as much today, the hand written note sent by snail mail, should not be overlooked.

Why would you choose the hand written note over instant electronic communication? I find that taking the time to sit and put pen to paper helps me collect my thoughts and more clearly express myself. Getting a piece of snail mail can be like getting a little gift. Make someone’s day with your little present. When your piece of mail arrives on a pretty piece of stationery or note card, the images you choose, add to the words that you send. A hand written note conveys to the other person that they are worthy of the extra time and attention given to them by the sender of the letter.

There are times that you want the person receiving the note to have something tangible, that they can hold in their hand. Maybe this note will be saved for later reading and will bring a smile to the recipient’s face once more.

I find it helpful to have a stash of a variety of note cards on hand, so that when the need arises, I can find one that complements the message that I plan to send. I carry several sets of note cards that allow you to express yourself with a variety of images. These images are original and photographic art prints that I have created. They are available in my shops EDCCollective and EclecticSkeptic. Many of my other photographic art images are also available as note cards. Contact me if you are interested in checking on the availability of other images.

So, next time you are about to dash a note to someone by e-mail, think for a second. Do you have to get the message to them immediately, or would your message be better a couple of days from now, as a little surprise present wrapped in a note card waiting in the recipient’s mailbox?


  1. I so agree!! I have cards saved from many years past ... can't say the same for the emails! :-) Your cards and images are lovely as well!

  2. love the idea of keeping a stash on hand!