Thursday, April 15, 2010

Design This – Product Brochure

Getting the word out is an important part of a successful business. You can achieve this by handing out business cards, placing ads online or in print, displaying a banner at a craft fair or your can distribute brochures as SweetnSassyBaby, wanted to do. She turned to Etsy's alchemy feature for help.

I saw the request and my bid was accepted. After agreeing on a scope and price for the SweetnSassyBaby brochure project, I gathered information from my customer about what she envisioned on the different sections of her tri-fold brochure. She sent me a copy of her logo and a list of contact information, photos, etc. that she wanted included. I started laying out the basic design, including some different font choices that I thought complemented her shop.

I find an important part of a successful graphic design job is to keep the customer up to date with the design process. As with all of my custom graphics work, I sent my customer the basic layout design so that she could choose the fonts she wanted me to use and give me feedback on the current layout. Once I had a clear direction to go in, I imported, sized and touched up each of the product photos as needed. A few more intermediate designs were sent to my customer and any feedback that I got was discussed and incorporated into the final design.

This same process can be used to create your custom graphics design project. Whether you need a business card, flyer, logo, banner, ad or brochure design, I’d be happy to discuss these or other projects with you. You can find more examples of my graphics design work in Eclectic Design Choices' Facebook Custom Graphic Design photo album.

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