Thursday, February 18, 2010

EDC Places in the ETC January Design Challenge

Many of the teams on Etsy hold design challenges. That has been the case for both of the teams that EDCCollective is a member of, Etsy Texas Crafters (ETC) and The Eclectic Artisans Team (EART). Generally, the design challenges have a theme and the entries are supposed to represent that theme. Often the winner of the challenge is selected by people casting their votes for the entry that best represents the theme. The winners may receive a prize donated by another team member or some extra promotional support by the team.

During the past year I have entered a few of my team’s challenges as well as some other contests. The January ETC Design Challenge had the largest number of entries that I can recall for an ETC challenge during this past year. There were forty entries, and prizes were awarded to the top eight vote getters. So I was very excited to receive word that my entry was awarded seventh place! The theme of this design challenge was “Winter’s Wonders”. I entered my Sparkles Holiday Card. My description of why this entry fit the theme was, “In this part of Texas, our winter wonderland is often a crystal fairyland of ice coated trees. I took this photo on a clear day following an ice storm and added the flying pig for a bit more "magic" in the air.”

My prize was donated by MoltenGecko. I received a lovely abstract poinsettia glass pendant with an adjustable cord. The design of the adjustable cord is quite clever and I thought it was an nice addition to the piece.

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