Saturday, May 30, 2009

Etsy Treasuries

Etsy has a button marked Treasury on its home page. Etsy members hand pick items they like and put together treasuries from them. Then they look for an opportunity to snag an opening to be able to list their treasuries. Each treasury only exists on Etsy for a few days.

The treasuries usually have a theme. The items may be made out of similar materials, have similar colors or go with a particular holiday for instance.

I have added screen shots of the two treasuries that I have been included in so far so that if you missed them on Etsy, you can see them here. I am very happy to have my items in the company of the other listings that were included in these treasuries.

A pair of my gathering pins was featured in Carnelian Dreams and a feather wrap pendant was featured in My Feathered Friends. You can click on either photo to see a larger image.

Thanks to GrandmaMarlilyns and RanaMuck for including me in their treasuries.

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