Thursday, April 2, 2009

New Product Line - "No-Hole" Gathering Pins

Everyone loves finding and owning the latest thing. We have discovered and are offering a new fashion accessory. Our new product line takes the old concept of a pin and puts a new spin on it.

Accessorize your outfits with our newest offering,
 “No-Hole” Gathering Pins.

These lovely pins clasp your fabric instead of poking holes like a standard pin. They work by gathering up the fabric and stay in place by holding it in the tension of the clasp. They can be used so many different ways. See some of them in the photos above and read the suggestions below. I’m sure after you try them you will find even more uses for these delightful decorative accessories.

Use them as sleeve pins, an attractive alternative to rolling or pushing up your sleeves, long or short.

Use them as bodice pins to make your outfit more alluring.

Use them as scarf pins.

Size recommendations:

The small, 2 inch, gathering pins work well with lighter weight fabrics and short sleeves.

The regular, 3 inch, gathering pins also work on heavier materials, including sweaters, and instances where a lot of material is to be gathered, such as layered blouses and tees.

How to use them:
 Open the pin and slide the head of the pin under the material to be gathered, leaving the beaded side on top. After you have gathered (or shirred) your outfit to the desired look, close the clasp around the fabric to hold it in place without piercing your fabric.

Beautifully accessorized with No-Holes!


  1. Unique and creative!

  2. Cool sounding pins. I have never heard of them before. Sounds great that they don't leave holes in your clothes.