Thursday, March 28, 2013

Artist Spotlight - OutNumberedNovelties

I have a soft spot for figured woods, such as tiger oak highboys, mesquite cutting boards or anything made out of bird’s-eye maple. A fellow Etsy Texas Friends team member makes amazing hand shaped and turned wood items, from fabulous hair sticks/axes to hand carved measuring spoons. Rich is the creative force behind the Etsy shop OutNumberedNovelties. While his shop is full of smaller wood wonders, he has also been known to make larger custom pieces upon request.

I had the opportunity to have a booth next to Rich at a show in Arlington last December. Unfortunately for me, the hair accessories were right out because my hair is not long enough to use them. I don’t play the guitar to be able to figure out which type of wood fits my picking style the best, but I could see some of his hand formed utensils in my kitchen. There was one mesquite spoon that had great contrast between blonde, medium brown and dark reddish brown all in the same teaspoon sized spoon. Rich’s utensils are finished with mineral oil to bring out the wood’s characteristics and make them food safe and more durable.

If you are lucky enough to live close by, you can shop for OutNumberNovelties’ wares in person at the Downtown Mini Mall II on the square in downtown Denton, TX.

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