Thursday, March 24, 2016

Raw Crystal and Polished Gemstone Point Jewelry

I love how using variations in my Etsy shop listings gives my customers several choices in just one listing. Case in point, two recent listings for gemstone point pendant necklaces.

I scored some really great polished double point gemstone pendants at a recent trade show that I paired with long silver plated chains. I am able to offer a choice between tiger's eye, rose quartz, purple and white fluorite and rainbow fluorite in the same listing. In the past I might have just made and listed one of those choices for sale to see how it did before committing more supplies to a final form.

Two replace a recently sold listing on Etsy, I needed to make another raw citrine point pendant necklace. While I was creating that necklace I was inspired to create two because of two beautiful but different citrine points, when I could not decide which to use. With variations there was no need to decide, I could list each as a choice. While I was at it, because I knew I could use variations to offer them all in one listing, I also created a quartz crystal natural point paired with amethyst pendant and an amethyst point necklace.

Variations hasn't made me go totally crazy committing all of my raw and polished gemstone points to finished pieces however. I still have a good supply waiting to become something special. If you would like to inquire about a custom design please contact me.

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