Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Design This – Can You Make Multiples?

Sometimes a custom request is as simple as someone wanting more of an item than I have available in a listing. Since many of my bead supplies are purchased as a strand of beads, often I am able to oblige. Two custom requests came in last year that I managed to have just enough matching supplies on hand to fill my customer's request.

I had a flying pig keychain made from a couple of beads that reminded me of an evergreen conifer in my EclecticSkeptic Etsy shop. I received an inquiry for seven or eight total of the tree keychains (The tree was a must). Luckily I had just enough of those stones left to be able to make the total of eight that she preferred. She asked about making some of them silver instead of gold as seen in the listing. Since these would be made from scratch for my customer, that was easy for me to do. She also decided she wanted two keychains like the agate and silver flying pig keychain listing I had available. I had three agate beads left that I thought were pretty similar to the one in the listing so I included them in a photo with the green tree parts and numbered them so my customer could choose the stone she liked for the second keychain. After she chose it was time to assemble the eight new keychains to our agreed upon specs and ship them with the two she had seen listed originally.
Another request came later in the year for a larger multiple of a listed item than the tree keychain request. It was for a total of eleven square brown shell lapel pins like the one I had listed. That request proved to be pretty easy but when that customer came back requesting another twelve I held my breath as I counted the square brown shell beads I still had on hand. Luckily I had just enough and was able to fulfill the second request as well.

When I run out of a supply that has been popular I keep my eye out for more of them when I get a chance to shop at a trade show. So far the carved green stones and square brown shells have eluded me. While I will purchase more if I find them, running out of a supply helps push me to come up with new designs and keep my offerings fresh.

If you are interested in seeing if I can make more of a particular item than the number I have listed as available, please contact me to see if I can accommodate your request.

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