Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Design This - A Green Necklace

One day I wore a pair of earrings that included a gold and a green czech glass bead that caught the attention of a friend of mine. After talking with her for a while, I found out what caught her eye was the green in the bead and that she was interested in getting a necklace that included one or more green beads and was more of a pendant and chain style than being a totally beaded necklace.

I happened to have a variety of green or partially green beads. I pulled together all that I had and showed them to my friend. She picked out a couple of shapes of a green and white gemstone bead and liked my light green jade beads as well. Based on the shapes and colors of beads that she picked, I mocked up a "Y" style necklace using antiqued brass tone findings that I thought complemented the two bead colors. It used more beads than a pure pendant necklace but still maintained the lighter feel of one. (The first photo shows the components I used in the necklace mock up.)

My friend loved the vintage feel of the design so I completed the construction of the necklace, except for the length. Since she had been unsure how long she wanted the necklace to be, I let her hold it up in front of a mirror and adjust it until she liked the length. After adding the clasp to make the finished necklace match that length, I delivered it to my happy customer. After wearing it for a while and receiving many compliments, she decided that she would prefer to have the necklace shortened a little bit. I took care of this for her and it was the perfect accessory for the dress that she had in mind to pair it with when she started the custom order process.

If you have an outfit that you are looking for just the right jewelry to compliment it, contact me to see if I have the supplies to make it happen for you.

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