Monday, December 23, 2013

Design This – Gypsum Crystal Necklace

With Christmas and the gift giving that goes with it right around the corner, I got to thinking about a gift I made for my niece for her birthday earlier this year. The two of us went on a field trip of sorts the previous summer and were allowed to collect some gypsum crystals as souvenirs. I remembered the crystals that I had collected when I was pondering what to get her for her birthday.

I cleaned up a few of the crystals and chose the one that I thought would make the nicest pendant. I drilled a small hole in the crystal to anchor the wire that I used to wrap the crystal with. I placed one of the spirals that I created over the anchoring hole on the front of the crystal. Once the crystal was wrapped securely, I attached it to a black cord necklace.

I have not done a lot of wire wrapping, however I was very pleased with the way this pendant turned out. I enjoyed being able to turn a simple souvenir into a wearable keepsake of the trip.

If you have a special souvenir that you would like to have incorporated into a piece of jewelry contact me to see if I can come up with a custom solution for you.

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