Friday, December 21, 2018

Happy Winter Solstice 2018

Longer spans of sunlight our in our immediate future, as today marks the shortest daylight day of the year. Tonight's longest night will be brightened by a full moon. Winter officially arrives at 4:21 pm CST. So celebrate the arrival of our shortest day since that means longer stretches of daylight start tomorrow. The increase does start slowly, only one additional second tomorrow, but that will accelerate going forward.

We were rewarded with clear skies and a bright sunrise to greet today's Winter Solstice as you can see in this picture I took this morning. Please note, I DID NOT look through a camera lens to get the shot. I aimed my ipad in the general direction of the sunrise. I did have to take several photos since I could not frame the shot directly. And yes, I did some photographic art manipulation to the image to help capture the glorious way this sunrise on this shortest day of the year made me feel. Cheers to sunshine.

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