Friday, January 5, 2018

Catching Up and Starting Out

I came here to put up my first blog post for 2018 and I was surprised to see that between family being in town for the holidays, finishing up the last few days of my pop-up shop, hosting Christmas dinner and then freeze proofing everything just before New Year's Day, I missed posting so let me catch up a bit and bring this blog into the New Year.

First, a belated Merry Christmas. I hope you got to spend some time with family and friends.

Much of the country was bitter cold for New Year's Eve. I hope you and yours managed to
stay warm and safely ring in the New Year. The New Year's graphic color was inspired by 2018's Pantone Color of the Year, Ultra Violet. (Science types, please note the name of the purple is two words and not the word for the part of the electromagnetic spectrum just past what humans' eyes can see as I mistakenly thought when I skimmed an article about this year's color of the year.) Perhaps I need to add more purple to my shops. I have some nice amethyst in various bead sizes, shapes and slices.

While I was writing this, I heard that lovely cha-ching sound, the notification from my Etsy app that I just had a sale. Woo hoo! That is my first one of 2018 so I am starting out the New Year in a good way. I hope your New Year has started out on a positive note for you and may positivity flow through your entire year.

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