Saturday, November 19, 2016

Indian Summer Clouds of Butterflies

Here in North Texas our extended Indian Summer came to an abrupt halt yesterday. The weather during the prior week was spectacular though and the butterflies took advantage of the sunshine, warmer temps and plentiful nectar in a patch of blue mistflower and a lantana bush in my backyard. Many varieties of butterflies were attracted to both, including some very late Monarch butterflies on their trip south.

The lantana bush seemed especially popular with the sulphur butterflies. It was alive with a cloud of predominantly yellow butterflies flitting from flower to flower. How many do you see in my photo? (Click to enlarge to make your job easier.)

Queen butterflies flocked to my patch of blue mistflower. A cloud of orange erupted when I walked too close to this area of the garden. In this photo they share the nectar bounty with other butterflies and insects.


  1. I see 6 yellow butterflies in the lantana.
    Thanks for the article. I would like to plant butterfly plants in my yard, now I know where to start!
    Aren't the Queen butterflies breathtaking on the blue mistflower!

    1. I am glad to help with some plant suggestions for you. You did a good job of counting, but I see more than 6 yellow butterflies.