Friday, January 29, 2016

Artist Spotlight - MykoLyna

I was excited to find out that this artisan would be at the Happy Holidays Gift Market in December of last year. I first saw her and her lovely seed bead jewelry several years ago at Funky Finds in Fort Worth where I purchased a lovely black and gold beaded necklace. (That necklace can be seen in the "Design This" post in which I describe having earrings made to match the necklace.)

Since I was also vending at the gift market, I had to wait until someone could watch my booth for me but eventually I was able to get a look at what Galyna had to offer. She had lots of pretty pieces as before. One pair of silver and golden earrings in particular spoke to me. The only problem is that I don't have pierced ears so I would have had to change out her ear wires for the hinged screw back earrings I like. While I was examining the earrings to see how easy that would have been, Galyna suggested that it might be better to have her make a new pair not already attached to ear wires. I would then be able to attach my clips to the loop at the top of a new pair without having to deconstruct the pair that were already made. There were benefits to her suggestion so I told her I would be happy to go with it. I went ahead and paid for my new earrings and Galyna shipped them to me when she had recreated the ones I had ordered.

If you want to see Galyna's lovely handmade jewelry in person check out her 2016 show schedule.

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