Thursday, October 22, 2015

National Color Day - 2015

My inspiration for this week's blog post has come from tripping across a mention for National Color Day earlier this week. When I see mention of unusual national days I like to track down more information about them. It turns out National Color Day is an unofficial U.S. holiday of unknown origins that shares October 22 with National Nut Day. More information about these two holidays can be found on the National Day Calendar website.

That was a little background, now for the inspiration. National Color Day, what fun could you have with that? The website suggests wearing something colorful and sharing it on social media. I thought, CREATE something colorful! Coloring pages have been very popular lately for all ages and are a great way to have fun with color if you don't have some other media at hand to create something colorful from. So I thought, what better time to share that I recently created a set of coloring cards? I have had them with me at my last two shows and they were well received. I plan to add them to my EDCCollective Etsy shop too. What do you think?

Update 10/31/15: Here is my coloring card listing.

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