Thursday, May 14, 2015

My Photographic Art Contribution to DFW Artisans' Etsy Craft Party

What do you get when you cross a bluebonnet with an almond flower cluster? A bluemond? An albonnet? Join me, members of the DFW Artisans team and other local artisans at the DFW Artisans' Etsy Craft Party on June 6 and decide or make one for yourself. (Click on the prior link for more info.)

Etsy promotes a worldwide crafting event in June. This year organizers can choose June 5 or 6 to be part of this celebration of craft. This year's theme from Etsy is Kaleidoscope: Paper Taking Shape. These events can be a lot of fun but I was not inspired to organize one until I saw Etsy's paper weaving blog post last week. A light bulb went off and I could see creating a craft party that would be fun, let people participate in a make and take craft that they would enjoy keeping or possibly even giving as a gift and give 817ArtsAlliance and the Etsy team I am organizing, DFW Artisans, an opportunity to promote art related events in the area.

Several artisans will be creating images for participants to pick from and weave into a new creation. I will be providing my "Solitary" bluebonnet and my "Turquoise Centers" almond blossoms images. I may provide a couple more along with what the others are bringing for party goers to choose from. What would you name the flower cross shown below?

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