Friday, February 20, 2015

New England Snow Woes

In New England, Boston seems to be the poster child this year for record snowfall. This winter's snowfall in Boston is already the second heaviest on record with only about 9 inches (as I'm writing this) needed to vault them into the number one spot with a good two months of potential snowfall still to go this winter. Boston's February snowfall total this year is already in first place. Much of New England has also experienced heavier than average or record breaking snow totals. Who would blame anyone living in the area for thinking that all this snow was going to end when pigs fly?

I'll admit I’m a wimp when it comes to winter precipitation and cold. Ice and snow can be pretty and I even enjoy it is small doses. In north Texas we can get a heavy snowfall this time of year as we saw during the Great Backyard Bird Count of 2010 but thankfully it never hangs around for very long due to our crazy temperature fluctuations this time of year. So my hat is off to those of you braving the cold and the frozen precipitation in other parts of the country. I have followed some of your reported weather conditions on Etsy forum threads and have shuddered. Here is hoping you stay warm and safe and haven't gone crazy from cabin fever by the time your spring arrives.

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  1. Congrats and Condolences! On March 15, 2015, the 2014-15 winter in Boston officially became the snowiest on record with 108.6 inches. I wonder how much higher the total will go before Bostonians can put away their snow shovels?