Friday, September 20, 2013

Resistor Earrings for the Tech Geek

I'm excited to introduce a new geekery item to my EclecticSkeptic shop. The science, technology or computer geek will enjoy these novelty earrings made from resistors otherwise destined for the landfill. (The green angle to these earrings is an added plus.) I just happened to stumble on a lot of resistors that had been culled and would have been trash if someone hadn't understood that they could become components for jewelry making or other non-functional (electrically speaking) projects.

Two of the three basic colors of resistors that I have available are shown in this post. (tan and light blue) The third base color (gray) can be seen in my resistor earring listing in my EclecticSkeptic Etsy shop. I’m still playing with different styles and methods of combining the resistors with other materials. Each of the three examples is very different. Which is your favorite?

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