Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Artist Spotlight – Metal Motif

My husband and I first saw Denise’s work at a First Fridays pop up market in Downtown Arlington. She makes 3D metal sculptures of all sizes, much of it from sheet stock from her own designs. Her work is so good that she has applied for and received licensing for several college mascot themed pieces. The piece that caught my husband’s eye was a dragon that could be hung from a tree or a ceiling indoors. We were told that it also came in a larger size as a chandelier and were invited to see it in her space at Gracie Lane in Arlington.

I had an opportunity to drop by Gracie Lane a few days later. The large dragon with dangling sconces was most impressive. It holds three sconces in its claws. This is a candle lit chandelier instead of an electrified one. I figured my husband would really like it, however I didn’t think we would have space for this magnificent beast so I checked to see if any of the other sizes that it came in were also available with sconces. I was pleased to find out that the answer was yes, so armed with sizing info I went hunting around the house to see if there would be a perfect spot for a smaller version.

We have an arabesque metal and glass candle holder that hangs from the ceiling by a chain in my husband’s office. I felt that the dragon, with its candle holders, would complement it nicely so I requested a pewter colored dragon with sconces. I surprised my husband with his new “pet” after I picked it up. It now hangs over his desk guarding his things. The first photo in this post shows the actual dragon in its new home. The second image is a photographic art representation that I created.

If you are looking for some metal sculptures for your yard, school spirit items for your college bound kids or other metal decor, check out this talented designer's and sculptor's work at Metal Motif.

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